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Antimony Ingot


Antimony Ingot

       Antimony ingot, commonly known as refined antimony.


It is mainly used as the hardener of alloy for metallurgy, storage battery and military industry, as well as the raw material for producing antimony oxide. Antimony ingot is also used in movable type printing industry, lead material, cable sheath, solder and sliding bearing.

Antimony products are primarily refined antimony and antimony compounds, namely antimony trioxide, etc.The primary role of antimony in alloys is to add hardness, often referred to as metal or alloy hardener.Antimony and antimony compounds are used in wear - resistant alloys, printing type alloys and ordnance industries.With the development of science and technology, antimony is now widely used in the production of a variety of flame retardants, enamel, glass, rubber, paint, pigment, ceramics, plastics, semiconductor components, fireworks, medicine and chemical industry and other occupations. 

Reserves and distribution

Antimony content in the earth's crust is 0.0001%, and according to 2014 data from the U.S. geological survey, global antimony reserves are about 1.8 million tons.There are as many as 120 antimony minerals known, but only 10 antimony minerals with industrial value and containing more than 20% antimony are known.

Antimony resources are mainly distributed in the Pacific rim, the Mediterranean and the central Asia tianshan structural metallogenic belt, during which the antimony resources in the Pacific structural metallogenic belt are the most abundant, accounting for about 77% of the total antimony resources.

According to data released by the us geological survey in 2014, the world's proven reserves of antimony are 1.8 million tons, primarily scattered in China (950,000 tons), Russia (350,000 tons), Bolivia (310,000 tons), tajikistan (50,000 tons) and South Africa (27,000 tons).China has the most abundant antimony resources in the world, accounting for 52% of the world's total antimony reserves.

The market

As China's antimony reserves and production are ranked first in the world, and a large number of exports, the production of high purity metal antimony (containing antimony 99.999%) and high grade antimony white, representing the world antimony industry advanced production level, so the domestic antimony price changes to a large extent affect the international market price.However, as domestic prices rise to a certain level, antimony ingots produced by other countries of origin, such as Russia, Bolivia and Peru, will gradually take up market share. Price changes are short term, and the challenges faced by antimony in China are short term.When prices fall, end customers tend to buy Chinese antimony because of high production costs and immature smelting technology in other countries.Moreover, in recent years, the domestic market has gradually shown a huge consumption capacity, especially the production of plastic, rubber, polyester fiber accounted for 90% of the antimony ingot consumption market, with the strong support of the domestic market, even if foreign consumption downturn in a short period of time will not have a great impact.Foreign buying intentions were weak in December, mainly because prices were bearish in the short term, but short-term volatility would not have a long-term impact on long-term stability.Unless the constraints of environmental inspections are unreasonably tightened, Chinese antimony ingots are expected to remain dominant in the international market for years to come.

Company profile

Anyang daguan metal co., ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in the production of metallurgical accessories.After more than 10 years of efforts and development, has become a domestic rapid development, larger, stable quality, trusted by customers of the benchmark ferroalloy industry enterprises.

5dc694262e0e2.jpg     In 2012, our company obtained export license.The company has 10 sets of intermediate frequency furnace and 4 core wire production lines, with an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of auxiliary materials for steelmaking and casting.Mainly includes the ferroalloy (ferrosilicon, calcium silicon, silicon barium, calcium silicon, silicon barium aluminum, high silicon aluminum barium calcium, calcium silicon manganese, silicon, silicon carbide and carbon recarburizer), nodulizing agent (rare earth silicon magnesium alloy), nucleating agent (silicone, barium, calcium, zirconium, etc.), deoxidizer (aluminum and calcium), alloy ball (silicon, silicon, silicon carbide ball), alloy slag slag (ferrosilicon, silicon slag, rich manganese slag) and packet core.With excellent production equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology and unique formula, the product ingredient content can be produced in strict accordance with customer requirements, in use with high efficiency, stable reaction, absorption and fusion of good characteristics.
     At present, 40% of the products are used in large domestic steel mills and founders, including Shagang group, Rizhao iron and steel group, Shougang group, Wuhan iron and steel group, etc.60% of the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, India, Australia and Iran, including posco iron & steel group, Hyundai iron & steel group and JFE iron & steel group.With stable quality and high quality technical services, our products have won the praise and trust of customers at home and abroad.

In the future, the competition will be more intense, Henan guorui will continue to strictly comply with the requirements of iso9001:2008 quality management system, continue to focus on customer needs, committed to providing newer, better quality products and more satisfactory services for steelmaking and casting industry. Henan guorui sincerely hope to join hands with more enterprises to advance together and create brilliant.


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Sb: 99.92% Cu: 0.002%  Pb: 0.025% Cd: 0.0003% Sn: 0.0005% As: 0.028% Fe: 0.008% Se: 0.0008%  Bi: 0.0013%