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What are the Two Major Issues to be Aware of in Aluminum Ingot storage?

03. 07, 2020

The metal characteristics of aluminum ingots determine its strength and rigidity. Secondly, its beautiful appearance can meet people's needs. The use of aluminum ingots as industrial raw materials is well known. It is divided into two types, one is cast aluminum alloy, and the other is deformed aluminum alloy. So what should we pay attention to in its storage?

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum Ingot

1. In the process of transporting aluminum ingots, the aluminum ingots should be handled lightly and gently, and there should be no large fluctuations, causing wear between the aluminum ingots.

2. In the storage of aluminum ingots, the aluminum ingots should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and placed flat on a flat surface. Do not step on them or bump them.

Aluminum Ingot transportation and storage play an important role in subsequent applications. Aluminum ingots are now widely used in packaging for beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and industrial products. With regard to the use of aluminum nowadays, it can be seen everywhere. It plays a role that cannot be ignored in industrial production and can be said to be the main industrial raw material. So we should pay attention to the storage of aluminum ingots to avoid unnecessary losses.

Next, I will share with you the solution to the surface crack of Aluminum Alloy Ingot.

The crystal of aluminum alloy ingot is also called condensation tank, which plays a role of intestine for forging. Changing the taper of the aluminum alloy ingot mold is not careless in terms of forging. When the cone of the mold passes through the large forging, the segregation knobs on the surface of the slab will increase. Once the operation is not good, slag inclusion will cause the appearance of cracks. When the mold is too narrow, the slab will ignite and the surface will crack. . A good smelting master will always set the standard of the crystallizer at all times to prevent the outer cracks caused by flattening during forging.

The epitaxial cracks of slabs of aluminum alloy ingots are crucial to cooling water. Does the cooling water convey symmetry, the big and small face strength, the size of the leech, and the temperature of the water can have a particularly strong feeling in the solid-liquid area.

In summary, the appearance cracks of aluminum alloy ingots are one of the common deficiencies in the melting process. Eight types of commentary positions have paid attention to the forging process, and I have overlooked that every detail of the city has been exposed, forming deficits and empty charges. . The identity of alloys, the doubts about manipulation of impurities, and the ability to design and build buildings must be analyzed in accordance with divergent situations and make correct decisions.

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