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Industries Suitable for Silicon Metal

07. 10, 2020

Metallic silicon, also known as crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, originally belonged to the chemical industry, and was later classified as a ferroalloy industry by the National Bureau of Statistics. What kind of industry is suitable for metal silicon? The purchase of metal silicon is mainly divided into three industries: one, the organic silicon industry; two, the single crystal and polycrystalline silicon industries (but many of this industry are buying trichlorosilane, trichlorosilane is single crystal, The upstream of the polycrystalline industry is also produced from metal silicon); 3. Smelting industry. There are also other industries where the dosage is relatively small. Generally, it is not directly purchased, but the secondary powder processed by other manufacturers.

The use of metal silicon: metal silicon is industrially purified elemental silicon, mainly used for the production of organic silicon, the production of high-purity semiconductor materials, and the preparation of alloys for special purposes.

1. Production of silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and other silicones

Silicone rubber has good elasticity and high temperature resistance. It is used to make medical supplies and high temperature resistant gaskets.

Silicone resin is used to produce insulating paints, high-temperature paints, etc.

Silicone oil is an oily substance whose viscosity is little affected by temperature. It is used to produce lubricants, polishes, fluid springs, dielectric liquids, etc. It can also be processed into a colorless and transparent liquid and sprayed as a waterproof agent in buildings Object surface.

Metallic Silicon

2. High purity single crystal silicon is an important semiconductor material

Doping a small amount of Group IIIA elements in single crystal silicon to form a p-type silicon semiconductor; doping a small amount of Group VA elements to form n-type and p-type semiconductors combined to form a solar cell and radiating energy Transformed into electrical energy. It is a promising material in the development of energy.

3. Metal ceramics, important materials for space navigation

The ceramic and metal are mixed and sintered to make a cermet composite material, which is resistant to high temperature, tough and can be cut, which not only inherits the respective advantages of metal and ceramic, but also makes up for the birth defects of the two. It can be applied to military weapons The manufacture of the space shuttle "Columbia" can withstand the high temperature caused by friction when passing through the dense atmosphere at high speed, all relying on its shell of 31,000 pieces of silicon tiles.

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