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What is the Importance of Choosing Materials for Protective Lead Door Parts?

04. 15, 2020

As a Lead Ingot Supplier, share with you. Lead ingots are divided into large and small ingots. The small ingots are rectangular trapezoids, with a bundling groove at the bottom and protruding ears at both ends. The large ingot is trapezoidal, with a T-shaped bump at the bottom and grabbing slots on both sides.

Lead Ingot

Lead Ingot

Composition structure

The lead ingot is rectangular, with protruding ears at both ends, and blue-white metal, which is relatively soft. Density 11.34g/cm3, melting point 327℃

1. The surface of the lead ingot must be free of slag, particulate oxygen, inclusions and foreign pollution.

2. Lead ingots shall not have cold partitions and no flash burrs larger than 10mm (dressing allowed).

The selection of materials for protective lead parts is a very important part of the description of mechanical parts. With the advancement and development of science and technology, the rational selection of accessories for the engineering practice of mechanical parts, medical lead door accessories are more and more advanced, reducing the labor cost of parts quality, and the general accessories for protective lead doors are as follows:

1. Metal materials:

Metal materials widely used in various engineering materials. There are many options for steel materials, but due to its better mechanical function, because the price is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, it can meet different functions and defenses of use. Alloy steel has excellent functions and is often used in the production of important parts. Therefore, it is most commonly used in medical automatic door engineering. Among non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper and its alloys are used. At the same time, the quality of aluminum alloy and corrosion resistance is widely used in engineering as a lead protection door.

2. Polymer materials:

Polymer materials generally include three types: plastic, rubber, and synthetic fiber. The density of polymer materials is small, and the corrosion-resistant materials are abundant. Because the internal elastic rubber of appropriate temperature scale is used for medical automatic door engineering sealing, the defects of polymer materials are simple aging, poor fire resistance, and low heat resistance.

3. Composite materials:

The lead protection door composite material is composed of two or more data with the same physical and mechanical functions. The reinforced phase has excellent functional strength progress and the influence of the stiffness matrix, which plays a qualitative effect on the reinforced phase and it is difficult to achieve a single data.

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