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How much do you know about Lead Ingot?

06. 20, 2020

Lead Ingot is divided into large and small ingots. The small ingot has a rectangular trapezoid shape, with a bundling groove at the bottom and protruding ears at both ends. The large ingot is trapezoidal, with a T-shaped bump at the bottom and grabbing slots on both sides. As a Lead Ingot Supplier, share with you.

Composition structure

The lead ingot is rectangular, with protruding ears at both ends, and blue-white metal, which is relatively soft. Density 11.34g/cm3, melting point 327℃

1. The surface of the lead ingot must be free of slag, particulate oxygen, inclusions and foreign pollution.

2. Lead ingots shall not have cold partitions and no flash burrs larger than 10mm (dressing allowed).

Test method: The arbitration analysis method for the chemical composition of lead ingots shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of GB/T4103 "Chemical Analysis Methods for Lead and Lead Alloys".

Lead Ingot

Lead Ingot


1. Each lead ingot is cast or printed with trademark and batch number.

2. Marks should be drawn on the lead ingot with paint that is not easy to fall off, and the color and location of the mark should meet the requirements.

3. Each bundle of lead ingots should have an eye-catching mark that is not easy to fall off, and indicate the name of the manufacturer, product name, brand, batch number and net weight.

The main purpose

Mainly used in the manufacture of batteries, paints, bullets, welding materials, chemical lead salts, cable jackets, bearing materials, caulking materials, Babbitt alloys and X-ray protective materials.

Transportation and storage

1. Lead ingots should be shipped by means of transportation without corrosive substances to prevent rain.

2. Lead ingots should be stored in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive storage room.

3. During the transportation and storage of lead ingots, the white, off-white or yellow-white film formed on the surface is determined by the natural oxidation properties of lead, and is not used as a basis for scrapping.

The key component of the radiation-proof lead door is a stainless steel plate + lead plate. The safety protection lead door is suitable for the import and export trade that needs to block the radiation. It is used for medical equipment x-ray protection and industrial production radiation protection.

Radiation-proof lead doors have the following characteristics:

1. All-natural barite powder secret formula, stable safety protection characteristics, firm and durable, compressive strength, compressive strength, fire safety, water resistance, sound absorption and noise reduction, thermal insulation, low price, long-term maintenance of the original safety protection features, in Save a lot of resources and control costs in the whole process of engineering construction!

2. The advantages of radiation-proof lead door production line equipment, commodity-specific production line, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, compared with lead plate can be applied separately, strong bearing capacity.

3. Radiation-proof lead doors can also use x-ray protection plates as fire-proof doors and windows cores, which are easy to use as flame-retardant thermal insulation, free of lead and other harmful substances, and have zero pollution to the surrounding environment.

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