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What Are the Factors that Determine the Color of Metallic Silicon?

Sep. 19, 2020

Metallic silicon is the main product of ferrosilicon smelting, and it has its presence in high-strength concrete, refractory castables and other fields. At the same time, metal silicon is often used in wall decoration and repair materials such as cement plaster to improve their strength and durability. Usually, the metallic silicon we see is gray, if it is used for wall decoration and repair materials, it may affect the color of the wall. Is the color of silicon metal white?

1. The color of metallic silicon

In fact, the color of metallic silicon is not only gray, but also dark blue, blue, gray, white, black, etc. Different colors indicate that the content of various elements in its composition is different, and the content of silicon dioxide accounts for 80% to 96%. Generally speaking, gray and dark gray metallic silicon are used to make high-strength concrete, black and other heavy colors are used to make refractory materials, and white is mostly used in fields such as insulation materials, chemical coatings, and oil well cement.

Metallic Silicon

2. Factors that determine the color of metallic silicon

(1) The silica in metallic silicon is itself colorless, but once the metal silicon is collected, the coke and wood chips in the powder will be combined. According to the temperature of the smelting of ferrosilicon with different colors of the metal silicon, The reaction of many elements in the dust is also different, and the color is also different.

(2) According to different ferrosilicon smelting technologies, the materials available in the smelting process are different. The main factor determining the color of metallic silicon is the content of carbon and iron oxide. The less their content, the whiter the color of metallic silicon, carbon and iron oxide. The higher the content, the darker and darker the color of metallic silicon.

(3) After the metal silicon is collected, the dispersion is large, and it is difficult to transport and use. It is usually encrypted to a certain extent, but the encrypted silicon metal has small pores, the particles become tighter, and the color is slightly darker than before the encryption.

3. The content of the constituent elements of metallic silicon

Generally, the color of metallic silicon cannot be controlled artificially. The silicon smelting process is not exactly the same every time. The color between the front and back batches is not necessarily the same. In this case, some people worry about the quality of different colors of metallic silicon. Regardless of the color of metallic silicon, its element composition and content have strict standards. If it is ferrous metal silicon, the iron oxide and carbon content are also within the reference range, and the gap is not large.

Through the above content, there is a white question about the color of silicon metal. You should have the answer. Because the color of each batch of metallic silicon is inconsistent, if there are color requirements when purchasing, it must be negotiated with the metallic silicon manufacturer in advance. Otherwise, it is not good to buy products that do not meet the requirements for use.