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Application of Silicon Metal

07. 23, 2020

Silicon metal has a wide range of uses and is widely used in our daily life and industry.

Metallic silicon is a product smelted from quartz and coke in an electric furnace. The main component of silicon is about 98% (in recent years, 99.99% of Si is also known as silicon metal). The remaining impurities are iron and aluminum, calcium, etc.

One of the uses of metal silicon: metal ceramics, an important material for space navigation. Metal silicon and metal are mixed and sintered to make a metal-ceramic composite material, which is resistant to high temperature, rich in toughness, and can be cut. It not only inherits the respective advantages of metal and ceramics, but also makes up for the inherent defects of both. The space shuttle that can be used for military weapons can withstand the high temperature generated by friction when it travels through dense atmosphere at high speed. It depends on its shell made of 31,000 silicon tiles.

Metallic Silicon

The second use of metal silicon: silicon organic compound with excellent performance. For example, metal silicon organic silicon plastic is an excellent waterproof coating material. Spraying silicone on the four walls of the subway can solve the problem of water seepage once and for all. Coating a thin layer of silicone plastic on the surface of ancient cultural relics and sculptures can prevent moss from growing and resist wind, rain and weathering. The Monument to the People's Heroes on Tian’anmen Square is treated with silicone plastic, so it is always white and fresh.

The third use of metallic silicon: high-purity metallic silicon is an important semiconductor material. Doping a trace amount of group IIIA elements into mono-crystalline silicon to form a p-type silicon semiconductor; doping a trace amount of group VA elements to form n-type and p-type semiconductors combined together to form a solar cell, which can combine radiant energy Converted into electricity. It is a promising material in the development of energy.

The fourth use of metal silicon: optical fiber communication, modern communication means. The high-transparency glass fiber is drawn from metal silicon, and the laser is transmitted forward through countless total reflections in the path of the glass fiber, instead of bulky cables. The optical fiber communication capacity is high. A glass fiber as thin as a hair can transmit 256 telephones at the same time. It is not afraid of electric and magnetic interference, is not afraid of eavesdropping, and has a high degree of confidentiality. Optical fiber communication will revolutionize human life in the 21st century.

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