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Is Aluminum Ingot Clearly Identified by High Temperature Marking Paint?

05. 29, 2020

Aluminum Ingot high-temperature labeling coating, also called marking coating, in steelmaking, continuous casting, steel rolling and other steel production processes, it is usually necessary to mark the surface of the high-temperature steel parts just out of the furnace to eliminate the steel mixing accident caused by unclear labeling . There are many high-temperature coatings, such as high-temperature furnaces, refractory materials, engines and other parts that work in high-temperature environments for a long time, and all need to be protected by high-temperature coatings.

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum ingot marking label coating, using the latest synthetic technology, obvious marking, good durability, no discoloration and fading, high temperature resistance, ZS-1082 high temperature marking coating, marking coating, also called high temperature label coating or high temperature label coating, widely used A high-temperature grade coating on metallurgy, iron and steel, high-temperature kilns, refractory materials, pharmaceutical synthesis, transportation, and aerospace equipment. The coating adopts the latest coating technology in the world, and the principle of double curing of high-temperature label coatings-normal temperature curing and high temperature curing, can be cured at normal temperature or directly under high temperature, making up for the defect that traditional label coating can only be applied at high temperature . White high paint, do a good job of identifying the material at high temperature, make a mark, collectively referred to as high temperature marking paint. According to the needs of the industrial market, ZS-1082 high temperature marking paint developed by the latest coating technology in the world, also called high temperature marking paint, has high temperature resistance, the temperature resistance can reach 1800 ℃, the color is full and bright, delicate and smooth, and the curing time is not long. A label that changes color to identify paint. The principle of double curing of high temperature marking paint coating-normal temperature curing and high temperature curing, either normal temperature construction or direct high temperature construction. ZS-1082 high temperature marking paint coating has good binding force, high hardness, white brightness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation and penetration resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and simple construction.

Aluminium ingot high-temperature label coating White high-temperature coating has obvious identification. The coating is an inorganic water-based coating. No volatile harmful substances are generated at high temperature and normal temperature. ZS-1082 high-temperature resistant label coating can make the coating sinter at high temperature quickly and bond with the metal substrate Good, non-toxic and harmless to people, environmentally friendly, widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, high temperature kilns, refractory materials, pharmaceutical synthesis, transportation, aerospace equipment, etc., to make a mark to improve the recognition of materials.

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